How it works for Sellers

The Buyer does all the normal things in locating and inspecting a property. He still searches all the major portals such as and, local preferred agentís web sites, the newspapers and the ĎFor Saleí signs displayed in the local area.

Once the Buyer has made the decision to buy a particular property, he no longer has to go through the stressful process of negotiating face to face. He simply makes his initial offer via OfferNow. He does this either on the OfferNow website in the case of a private Seller, or the Agentís website (if the Agent subscribes to OfferNow), just by clicking on the OfferNow button once they have located that property on the website.

The Buyer simply fills out the details of their offer as prompted on the OfferNow form, The Seller or the Agent will instantly receive an SMS of the offer in a condensed form, with all the essential information necessary to alert them to the detail of the offer.

Comprehensive details, including the deal points, special conditions and any comment submitted is received from the OfferNow secure web server via email. In the case of an Agent, the Agency Principal also receives new offer notifications in the form of an SMS and an email, keeping him in touch with the progress of the transaction at all times.

The offer can then be easily responded to, either by clicking on the link within the email, then taking you to the OfferNow secure web server, or utilising the ĎBackend Offer or Bid Managerí built into the OfferNow system.

OfferNow Bid and Offer Manager

All offers are received in the form of both an SMS and an email copy to the Seller or relevant Salesperson and Agency Principals. As soon as the Seller has decided on a response, the offer can be accepted, edited or counter-offered with a live connection made via the email copy, so no time is wasted.

In the event that the Seller/Agent is out and canít access their office email, they can still see and respond to the full offer by accessing the OfferNow website from any computer and logging on to the Backend Offer or Bid Manager.

Backend Offer or Bid Manager is a control panel and record of all the offers that have been made on a property. The Offers are sorted in order of receipt, with the last one first. There are various levels of access provided for different staff members in the case of an Agency, at the Principalís discretion.

- Sample Making an Offer on the Demo Agent Site

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