OfferNow for Sellers

Buyers are paying the highest market price for a property using OfferNow because they are more at ease and comfortable with the offer and negotiation process. The Buyer can negotiate from the comfort of their home or office using the information they have gathered, yet the Seller or his Agent remains an integral part of the process as information and negotiating points and conditions flow back and forth, quickly reaching a conclusion. Another property successfully sold!

What the Sellers are Saying

`This is a very positive change in the process of selling our property. We can see all of the offers submitted in writing´

`When we sell our next house we will only consider an agent that uses OfferNow´

`I would not have agreed to selling my property at a normal auction but using OfferNow created a lot of competition and achieved a sale well before the auction date´

`The speed with which buyers jumped in and used the OfferNow system was amazing and I certainly got more than I had hoped for. The agent did a great job!´


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