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List And Load Software, it’s quick, it’s easy, anywhere, anytime!
The List And Load software system is a comprehensive real estate listing and management tool designed to meet the needs of real estate professionals in today’s busy environment. A major advantage is the fact that it can be run either fully portable, or it can be loaded into a major multi-user office environment and run from the Office Administration Server. To use it as totally portable, simply load it onto a USB Flash Memory Stick and run it from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

Subscribers to OfferNow can logon and download the List And Load software for free.

List And Load is an amazingly simple yet powerful real estate tool. It operates in an environment of inter-connected modules. Below is an outline of each module and its key features.

Website Loader Module
The advantage of the List And Load software over all other web portal listing gates is that List And Load can upload a listing to the web in a minute and what you see is what you get. Because the software is fully portable and can be run from a USB stick, many salespeople are able to increase their productivity by being able to work when away from the office.

  • Portal update utility publishes listing changes to supported web portals, including your own web site.
  • Generic loading tool displays full listing details in a convenient window for copying and pasting to other applications/portals.

Listing Module
The Listing Module manages the actual listing details for each property. Key features of the Listing Module include:

  • Support for commercial, residential and rural properties
  • Auto locate property on RP Data website (you don't even need to log in)
  • Automatically pull up the RP Data web without logging in
  • Auto locate property on Google Maps
  • Ability to re-position property on Google Maps and automatically get latitude/longitude
  • Suburb search feature to locate suburb or all suburbs within given radius of a suburb showing distance and bearing from reference suburb
  • Create suburb favourite list for quick entry - automatically create from radius of another suburb
  • Select and track which portals you are publishing the listing to
  • Print out a listing or a report showing current listings and sellers contact details for easy access on the run.

Image Storage and Management Module
The Image Storage and Management Module gives you complete control over the storage and enhancement of your photos from within List And Load

  • Organise and store all your photographic images
  • Insert captions on photos for descriptions or Copyright purposes
  • Accept and automatically re-size any sized JPEG for correct web upload
  • Fully featured cropping tool to crop and size your images to any desired size
  • Easy selection of the main image and which other images to publish for any property

Open for Inspection Module
The OFI Module manages your total individual or Agency OFI Schedule

  • Track your Open For Inspection (OFI) schedule
  • Automatically display dates and times for each property on supported websites
  • Automatic alert function for clashes of date or time
  • Printed Reports of schedules for individuals or complete Agency

Mapping Module
The Mapping Module incorporates the latest in Google Mapping technology. Key features of the Mapping Module include:

  • Automatically locate property on Google maps
  • Reposition property marker if required and automatically obtain latitude and longitude for property
  • Search any street and/or suburb in Australia
  • Print a map, who needs a street directory ?
  • View satellite, street level or hybrid view
  • View all listings (or searched listings) all at once on one map, clicking to view property location and details

Contacts Module
The Contacts Module manages your personal and company contacts, as well as, in the case of an Agency, your Salespeople. Key features of the Contacts Module include:

  • Store physical and postal address information, notes and several phone numbers
  • Record yours sales people's licence details
  • Easily search and locate contacts
  • Link individuals with their employer

Phone/Correspondence Module
The Correspondence Module allows you to track all correspondence to/from existing contacts. Key features of the Correspondence Module include:

  • Quick view list shows all upcoming appointments and previous correspondence
  • Flag critial appointments/correspondence to stand out
  • Duration timer automatically times length of call/meeting
  • Link correspondence to existing contacts within the system
  • Link correspondence with existing listings
  • Note editor to store detailed notes
  • Forward date existing appointments/correspondence
  • Text search to find any correspondence containg given search text in notes, reference, or name fields

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