How it works for Salespeople and Agents

During development and testing it became very clear to the salespeople using it that there were enormous benefits in ensuring that every offer was registered through the system. Time after time, it was proven that even when offers did not initially result in a deal, the record that was produced helped them enormously with their Sellers. It demonstrated the Salesperson’s activity levels and any overpriced properties were quickly and easily identified in a way that the Seller could understand. Also, once one offer is made on a property, the system automatically triggers the ‘Multiple Offers’ warning to new Buyers to put them on notice from the outset that there is other interest already in the property.

The Buyer simply fills out the details of their offer as prompted on the OfferNow form. See the sample live buyer form - click here to see how easy it really is.

The Salesperson will instantly receive an email and SMS of the offer. The real estate Agency Principal (if they take an Agency Subscription) also receives new offer notifications in the form of an SMS and email. The offer can then be responded to, either by following the email link, or accessing the Agent ‘Backend Offer or Bid Manager’ system

OfferNow Bid and Offer Manager

All offers are received in the form of both an SMS and an email copy. As soon as the Seller has decided on a response, the offer can be accepted, edited or counter-offered with a live connection to OfferNow secure web server by clicking on the link in the email, OfferNow makes the process automatic so no time is wasted.

In the event that the Seller/Agent is out of office and can’t link via email to the OfferNow secure web server, they can still see and respond to the full offer by accessing the OfferNow website from any computer and logging on to the ‘Backend Offer or Bid Manager’.

‘Backend Offer or Bid Manager’ is a control panel and record of all the offers that have been made on a property. The Offers are sorted in order of receipt, with the last one first. There are various levels of access provided for different staff members in the case of an Agency, at the Principal’s discretion.

Demo Agent Website

The Demo Agent Website is a fully functional demo website where you can search and make offers on properties. Experience the offer process from the buyer's perspective and see how easy it is and why so many buyer's are raving about the OfferNow system.

The Demo Agent Website is also an example of the Generic agent's website you can have for free when you subscribe to OfferNow. You simply need to customise your logo, colours and basic pages such as About Us and Contact Us and you will be up and running.

- Sample Making an Offer on the Demo Agent Site

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