The Prescribed Form

The workings and processes of this Form are covered by an Australian Patent and by Copyright.

The Offer or Bid Form accessed through OfferNow runs on a secure server. The Form is not legally binding, but the final outcome of the Form confirms all of the negotiated deal points and provides all of the details required to form a contract between a willing seller and willing buyer.

The Offer or Bid Form is automatically linked to the property for sale and the seller/sellerís agent, so there is no possibility of confusion about properties or agents throughout the process.

The Form is date and time stamped automatically as it changes and the status of the offers is automatically monitored, keeping all buyers informed of their progress.

The Offer or Bid Form is designed for a buyer to easily and quickly enter their identity, address and contact details, which enables automatic communication to and from the Form for the buyer.

The Form incorporates drop down menus and attached Help menus that prompt buyers to select or consider normal contract options such as building and pest inspections, finance, legal representation and special conditions.

The Form is described as a Online Electronic Transaction Offer Form that automatically communicates on an omni-directional basis, whilst tracking and recording changes made through the negotiation process between a buyer and a seller. All negotiating points remain visible on the Form but appear with a line through them when superseded. By remaining visible but clearly marked as superseded, neither the buyer nor the seller /agent ever need to feel uncomfortable or lose their way in the process.

Click here to see a sample of a Form with all the key deal points and comments agreed or modified and kept in play. A printable copy is automatically sent to all parties concerned at each step of the negotiation.

An SMS alert message is automatically sent at the beginning of the process, alerting the seller/sellerís agent that a Offer has been logged. The SMS contains a summary of the information in the Offer. This enables the seller/sellerís agent to know immediately an Offer is received and respond promptly to the buyer. Click here to see a sample.

Agents try the live sample buyer form and make an offer to see for yourself how easy it really is. Click here to make an offer

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