What is OfferNow ?

OfferNow is a new, amazingly powerful negotiating tool that is designed to work equally well whether you use it in the capacity of an individual Salesperson, a multi-user Agency or even as a private Seller.

The first part of any deal happens in the same way that it does now. Buyers continue to do all the normal things in locating and inspecting a property. They still search all the major portals such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, local preferred agent’s web sites, the newspapers and the ‘For Sale’ signs displayed in the local area.

However, once they have made the decision to buy a particular property, they no longer have to go through the stressful process of negotiating face to face. They simply make their initial offer via OfferNow. They can do this either on the Agent’s website (if the Agent subscribes to OfferNow), your website if you subscribe as an individual, or the OfferNow website, just by clicking on the OfferNow button on that property’s page.

Now Salespeople have the tool in their own hands to dramatically increase their productivity. They can handle multiple offers on the one property with ease and even promote honest competition. Time savings are enormous! Only prepare a contract once, when negotiations are completed. There are numerous other benefits to the Salesperson which become apparent when they have been using the system for some time.

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