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OfferNow, originally conceived in the mid 90’s, is a collaboration of like minded individuals who joined together to address the issue of facilitating online real estate transactions.

Greg Roberts the inventor of the patent, had at the time a prominent Real Estate agency in Cairns and had been developing an Australian patent for an online process that would one day harness the power of the world wide web. His dream was to streamline the processes involved in selling property, thus making it easier for buyers, sellers and agents. He was granted an Australian Standard patent with a priority date of July 2000.

Chris Ford, a co-director with Greg Roberts, was also working in real estate and had already developed extensive knowledge in the use of software database programs that were helping make the selling of real estate on a day to day basis easier.

While they had been discussing the concept over several years, they still believed that the real estate industry was not quite ready to embrace an internet technology such as OfferNow. The industry was only just starting to embrace major web sites like realestate.com.au, domain.com.au etc

By 2005 with the internet in full swing and the advance in web technologies, they now felt ready and agreed to join forces and bring the benefits of the OfferNow technology to the real estate community. The final enhancement of the OfferNow system was thoroughly tested and completed in a a fully operational real estate business environment and proved to have enormous benefits over the way in which the agency had previously negotiated and sold property

  • It proved to produce infinitely far greater number of offers
  • Increase conversion rate of offers to sales.
  • There was also massive amount of time saved by individual sales people
  • A better sales prices achieved
  • Better results were achieved for all concerned
Jody Scott was appointed the technical engineer to implement the system and the company was formally incorporated in 2007.

Greg Roberts

Greg was born in Sydney and came to Cairns with his parents in 1972. He completed his senior high school certificate in 1976 and then went on to university where he gained a BA in political science and marketing. Greg then worked in Sydney with large Australian companies in key marketing rolls up until 1985, when he first started working in the real estate industry. He then returned to Cairns with his family in 1987 to work in, and eventually establish, his own real estate and strata management business which he still owns and runs today. He has held various industry positions culminating in his burning ambition to streamline the real estate industry.

Chris Ford

Chris started working in the family automotive engineering business in 1970, and after completing his apprenticeship ventured out on his own. In 1981 he moved into the automotive manufacturing business were he built an Australia wide business. While helping many others to do likewise, he gained a broad business knowledge including developing unique software to address the needs of business.

Chris entered the real estate industry in 1991 before eventually going on to run his own real estate business which he still does today.

From the day he started in the real estate industry, he was working with software developers in developing and writing application programs to streamline a modern Real Estate business. This aptitude for developing software applications branched in to the internet from its conception.

Jody Scott
Technical director

Jody graduated high school in Brisbane in 1991 in the top 1% of the state. He then went onto university at QUT where he earned bachelor degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Jody had been working in the software industry since the late 80’s, developing software applications whilst still at high school and university. These applications covered a diverse and broad range of industry including medical, tourism, accounting, specialist industry and more recently real estate. These applications varied from stand alone desktop applications to larger multi-user systems running on early networks. As the internet progressed, Jody was involved early in helping business to establish their internet presence and to move or integrate their business systems with the web technology.

After establishing a successful business providing web and software services Australia wide, he then sold the business in order to focus on developing solutions in the real estate industry.

Jody is also a licenced real estate sales person in Queensland.

Clive Abbott

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Commissioner for Declarations
Director, Advance Cairns
Director, Trinity Anglican School
Director, Far North Queensland Area Consultative Committee

Real Estate Agency Principal

Real Estate Agent in Cairns since 1991, handling commercial sales & leasing, project marketing and residential sales. Partner in the start up of a successful Agency which utilises cutting edge technology to maximise productivity.

Partner and Commercial Director in the Cairns BRM Partnership, the compilers & publishers of the ‘Cairns 2020-2050 Business Research Manual’ in 2005.

Prior to 1991, spent more than 20 years in aviation & tourism with Ansett Airlines, holding positions as North Qld Manager, Marketing Manager - Victoria and Airport Manager - Sydney.

Apart from 8 years in the 1980’s, has lived and worked in Cairns since 1969.

(from left to right) Jody Scott, Greg Roberts, Chris Ford, Clive Abbott

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